Saturday, February 4, 2012

Time out...for me?

I created this blog for an assigment for the Fall Semester 2011 Government class. I thoroughly enjoyed the assignments and it got me actually listening to politics and the events going on today. My Professor was an excellent one...shout out to Prof. Kris! This is my first "non assignment" blog post. So I wondered what should I write about....hmm...I guess what is currently on my mind. I went to a SL (student life) event on Friday the 3rd at Eastview Campus and it was Super Bowl themed. I thought oh how fun! But when I came into the event I realized that this event was for leaders/officers of organizations....of which I am neither. But I thought...I am here now and our Director of Sigma Alpha Pi suggested it for us to come out. What could it hurt, right?

I was glad I was able to get the morning off to attend. It opened with an ice breaker....if you are thrown a play football, you stand....announce your name, home campus, and favorite football player and why. Ooops I thought, I don't know much about football to name a player and explain why they were my favorite. Well, the football never came my way...thankfully! Ha....

After the ice breaker we got to choose which "play" we would do next (football game themed) me and another club member decided to go the the Coaches Corner: Foundations of a Leadership. I learned some great are a few that stuck in my mind: to be a leader you must be -confident, -believe in yourself, -lead by example, and lastly ask yourself "would anyone want to follow me and my beliefs".... Woah...good question I never thought of.  Another key note I wrote down was that "leaders are learners."

My last notes were about the foundation of Balance: 1- set realistic goals, 2- prioritize, 3- make a schedule, 4- manage your time/study effectively, 5- know when to say No! (one I am always working on!), 6- Don't sweat the small stuff, 7- Know where to get support (family, friends, on-campus), 8- make time for YOU!!

Now please hear me out...I already know these things, but sitting in that class, really listening and hearing peers with similar concerns really opened my eyes.... I thought, you mean anyone can lead? They asked in the event, are leaders born or made? I have heard this asked before and have heard both sides of this. I personally believe BOTH! Guess I should take the easy road with that I believe that leaders are made. I believe this because I believe in myself and really believe I could lead. I mean if I have it in my heart to teach....isn't that one of the many leaders that really make an imprint on our lives? Even as children? I believe there are people that are more outgoing....more personable and more authoritative. I may not be all of those things...or maybe not any of those....but I believe strongly in many things. I believe that people would want to follow in these things....because they are life changing....something to hang onto where ever we all may be headed.

Before I get too deep, I wanted to blog about my day at the event and how I walked out of there. I left feeling motivated to make a difference in this be the best ME and in the process teach others to believe in themselves. But I guess it all starts with me....without me being can I be there for others.

Hope....belief.....encouragement....empathy....all these things are me. Get myself right...don't judge others, without first looking at me & mine. Time out for me is priority this new semester. I study my behind off & realize that I need to find the "me" time. Even if it is just reading for leisure. I am working on these things and more.

Until next time....

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