Saturday, February 4, 2012

Time out...for me?

I created this blog for an assigment for the Fall Semester 2011 Government class. I thoroughly enjoyed the assignments and it got me actually listening to politics and the events going on today. My Professor was an excellent one...shout out to Prof. Kris! This is my first "non assignment" blog post. So I wondered what should I write about....hmm...I guess what is currently on my mind. I went to a SL (student life) event on Friday the 3rd at Eastview Campus and it was Super Bowl themed. I thought oh how fun! But when I came into the event I realized that this event was for leaders/officers of organizations....of which I am neither. But I thought...I am here now and our Director of Sigma Alpha Pi suggested it for us to come out. What could it hurt, right?

I was glad I was able to get the morning off to attend. It opened with an ice breaker....if you are thrown a play football, you stand....announce your name, home campus, and favorite football player and why. Ooops I thought, I don't know much about football to name a player and explain why they were my favorite. Well, the football never came my way...thankfully! Ha....

After the ice breaker we got to choose which "play" we would do next (football game themed) me and another club member decided to go the the Coaches Corner: Foundations of a Leadership. I learned some great are a few that stuck in my mind: to be a leader you must be -confident, -believe in yourself, -lead by example, and lastly ask yourself "would anyone want to follow me and my beliefs".... Woah...good question I never thought of.  Another key note I wrote down was that "leaders are learners."

My last notes were about the foundation of Balance: 1- set realistic goals, 2- prioritize, 3- make a schedule, 4- manage your time/study effectively, 5- know when to say No! (one I am always working on!), 6- Don't sweat the small stuff, 7- Know where to get support (family, friends, on-campus), 8- make time for YOU!!

Now please hear me out...I already know these things, but sitting in that class, really listening and hearing peers with similar concerns really opened my eyes.... I thought, you mean anyone can lead? They asked in the event, are leaders born or made? I have heard this asked before and have heard both sides of this. I personally believe BOTH! Guess I should take the easy road with that I believe that leaders are made. I believe this because I believe in myself and really believe I could lead. I mean if I have it in my heart to teach....isn't that one of the many leaders that really make an imprint on our lives? Even as children? I believe there are people that are more outgoing....more personable and more authoritative. I may not be all of those things...or maybe not any of those....but I believe strongly in many things. I believe that people would want to follow in these things....because they are life changing....something to hang onto where ever we all may be headed.

Before I get too deep, I wanted to blog about my day at the event and how I walked out of there. I left feeling motivated to make a difference in this be the best ME and in the process teach others to believe in themselves. But I guess it all starts with me....without me being can I be there for others.

Hope....belief.....encouragement....empathy....all these things are me. Get myself right...don't judge others, without first looking at me & mine. Time out for me is priority this new semester. I study my behind off & realize that I need to find the "me" time. Even if it is just reading for leisure. I am working on these things and more.

Until next time....

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Round of Applause for “Generation Next”

Here is my commentary to "Generation Next" written by my peer Rachel Perry in her blog "If Men Were Angels." First and foremost I must applaud Rachel's opinion and boldness when it comes to her argument for the next generation. She made valid points that were strongly supported about how the youth of today can bring "opportunity" because of their "passion" to change the world.

I wholeheartedly agree that the youth of America are like no other generation. They have the "opportunity" like no other because of the technology of today and the unlimited resources to obtain that information. Older Americans never had as much information or the ability to obtain information with such ease like the youth of today. Rachel stated that the "upcoming generation has an unprecedented access to information." I believe with all this abundance of information the American youth can make a difference despite the entire calamity surrounding us in today's society.

Rachel also supports her opinion for the next generation's positive effect on the world by discussing "passion" that is instilled in many youth. From Rachel's background information, she is an excellent example of "generation next" being better educated and using valuable information to make a difference. She is currently a high school senior while taking college courses at the same time. She is a young American that has been given the opportunity to take courses early in her educational path and her passion to learn is displayed as well.

As a person of Generation X, I thank the youth of today, such as Rachel, because they want to make a positive impact on this world. I say we, as Americans, should lift them up and support them in any way we can. As stated, the youth "give inspiration and hope" to our current unstable economy and opposing American society. We do have such a brighter future ahead of us and who knows just how far we will go with "generation next" in the driver's seat.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are Americans secure under Obama?

The current Administration is doing a good job when it comes to foreign policy. President Obama and the current Administration have made a great start by removing our troops from Afghanistan. We cannot overstay our welcome to help the oppressed. We completed our duty by removing the authority that was causing havoc. In removing our troops we can also save money to distribute in other areas to assist with our current deficit.

Democrats get a rap that they are “weak on foreign policy” as stated in USA TODAY but I strongly disagree. Obama as a representative of Democratic beliefs, is taking a stand to uphold the highly sought after American freedoms and liberties. Obama is allowing our current reputation to be highlighted by not stooping down to other countries policy’s of inhumane interrogations and flat out torture when trying to obtain information about terrorists.

The current Administration refused to be like other hostile, foreign lands by banning torture when interrogating terrorists. Obama has shown his capability of securing our Nation by his “use of lethal force” in dealing with Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki. He had a no nonsense attitude to do what needed to be done to solve those life-threatening situations when dealing with extremists.

I believe the GOP has a great upcoming challenge when it comes to debating their own beliefs when addressing foreign policy. I believe they will have their work cut out for them when measured up against our current President Obama.  He has taken a great initiative of protecting our Nation when it comes to foreign policy. I believe we as Americans are secure under our current Administration and need to continue this great momentum in cleaning up foreign policy and mending our relationships with foreign countries as well.

Friday, November 11, 2011

American Youth: Strength for our Future

In a recent blog posted on Friday October 28th, 2011 by a colleague named Sara entitled “Creating a brighter future”; I was drawn in by her stance on how our American youth is strength towards our future. Sara’s description of herself is posted as a “solid Liberal” and states she has “her own independent way of thinking.” Her Liberal side is viewed in this post which is directed at other Liberals and even Democrats who support working families and in fighting for equal opportunities.  I read a description supported by the Democratic Party on a page which explains their beliefs.

Sara’s argument is that the Government should "help out college students with their student loans post graduation.” Her values lie in our youth and are successful in attracting readers who have the same beliefs. As well as readers that does not have the same beliefs, but are interested in a better future. Sara believes that the government, or President Obama specifically should approve a new law he proposed to assist college students after they graduate.

The argument posed by Sara is supported well with facts and statistics. She makes the observation that in helping out college students in the long run, will add to our society by more youth applying for loans towards higher education to get better educated than they currently are. The statistics Sara uses are that “American students owe more than $900 billion in student loan debt” and that “the average college student will accrue approximately $25,000 in student loans by graduation.” These statistics make her argument go from good to great. Not many can argue with a fact that is plainly stated and backed with hard and solid reasoning as well.

The overall argument is successful because not only does it convince me that the Government should approve the proposed law to assist college students after graduation, it reinforces my current belief that the youth of America is our future.  My beliefs are validated and strengthened  to accept Sara’s stand on “Creating a brighter future.” This argument also confirmed my thinking that the political world is so caught up in the National debt that their eyes are not open to a true solution to this problem. With more people becoming educated,  it will result in a better employee and even in creating new businesses to generate more revenue. We all need to get on one accord to help relieve American’s fears and concerns when it comes to our future in our children and in the American society as a whole.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Education: The Cost of Ignorance

The US National Government is doing poorly when it comes to educating our youth in America. It is interesting to see commercials and candidates speak on how important it is for America to get ahead of other countries when it comes to education. But they then fail to put in the money needed to fund the resources we need to accomplish that goal. I realize that America as a whole is going through a rough economic period, but I still believe education is the main factor that can enrich our future.

Americans have a goal to “connect a million minds” by challenging the youth of today to gain more knowledge when testing on the subjects of math and science. I believe that teachers are at the core of getting children interested in a subject. Teachers may find it difficult to perform their job by not being compensated for their hard work and by budget cuts resulting in classroom sizes becoming larger. These learning environments put stress on the teacher and strain on a student to keep up with their peers.

The National Government should make this realization fast in order to turn it around. This will result in Americans being more educated and able to thrive in a better environment. Sadly, this runs up the line to colleges and universities as well. Every educator out there is being pressed on all sides.

I recently read an article in the Los Angeles Times dated October 21, 2011 with a title of “Senate rejects bill to keep teachers, first responders on job” by Lisa Mascaro. This article highlights how strenuous teachers have it right now and how low education resources are dropping. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) stated it well by saying “we’re trying to make sure we save these jobs and give our students a good education across America in these difficult times.” I could not have stated that any clearer than Sen. Durbin.

Education is critical to America’s overall success. The less educated an individual is, the more likely they will need assistance because they are not able to make it in today’s demanding workforce. As a result, the less educated will need to obtain government assistance and more spending will go to those individuals. Why don’t we give education the boost it needs to be on top of other countries? The National Government needs to stand firm on education and make advancement to our future generation’s educational resources. This was a quote that sums up my beliefs: “Education costs money, but then so does ignorance.” -Sir Claus Moser

Friday, October 14, 2011

Are Big Corporations the Puppeteers of the Working People?

In a political blog written by Shamus Cooke entitled “The Smirking Chimp,” I found an interesting article called “The 1% and the Capitalism” dated October 13, 2011. Upon skimming the article I found a main point that stood out where Cooke states “...giant corporations monopolize production, markets, and government...” I have found most articles describing monopolies generally mean someone is being taken advantage of or controlled by a bigger person. This made me want to continue reading.

Shamus Cooke is making the argument on his own personal blog, which includes his biased, left-leaning, and liberal opinions. Being that this is his personal blog, his intentions are to give readers something to think about. Cooke also wrote this article to give a voice to the smaller man in a large working environment.
The intended audience is clearly the “working people.” I assumed this from Cooke’s main focus being the working class. He cleverly includes himself when stating how to solve the problem by saying “we” numerous times throughout the article. He is a social service worker, which shows in a job such as that a person generally cares for the rights of another and wants to see justice served for the oppressed. He is also a writer for Workers Action which proves his main view or concern being the workers.

As a result of Cooke’s experiences and selection of audience, he can be trusted among left-leaning working Americans. Readers can rely on their source if they agree with his political stance and point of view. For these reasons the author has a high credibility among everyone in that category of thinking.

The basic argument of Cooke is that corporations and politics should not be seen working hand in hand as they currently are. There should be some line between the two. The general assumption the argument relies on is making a large profit and giving power to corporations. The article holds the value of workers being more important than they currently are. It also lies on the value that the government should unite the “working people” and provide them with a “strong message” and voice too.
The evidence Cooke provides stirs emotions by making claims that corporations destroy people’s right and benefits as well. I believe the argument is a good one because he successfully points out resources used against workers. The political significance of the argument is that corporations have a hand in many areas of our lives, by controlling media, politicians, banks, technology, etc.  They play with us as puppets when they want to sway our political opinion, by employing politicians into their “cozy retirements” within a corporation.

In conclusion, the argument is successful because Cooke makes a call to the working people to unite and make a stand. The argument confirms my previous belief of the wealthy people getting ahead, more so than the average person. By my accepting the argument I join in his call to unite the “working people” and get more information out to the public. Let us “working people” take a stand and cut the links from big corporations by breaking the ties they have on us. Let us no longer play the puppets to their “pro-profit” policies.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Should We Be Required To Have Insurance?

In USA Today dated September 22, 2011 in the opinion section under debates and editorials, I came across an editorial titled “Everyone should be required to have insurance.” This definitely caught my attention because this has been a huge topic of debate for today’s candidates. The editorial does not have an author, which when I first read the article, thoroughly surprised me. But upon further review, it appears that any editorial written in USA Today is reviewed and decided upon by an Editorial Board that is “demographically and ideologically diverse” to ensure an unbiased opinion. As a result, the article appears to be reviewed by an objective and thoroughly diverse board, which makes the article a likely source that would be honest in its reporting the news.

The intended audience appears to be the American people that currently have health insurance. I gathered that from the author repeating how an uninsured person would be taking or “freeloading” from an insured person. The editorial’s evidence shows that “hospitals raise charges for everyone else” while attempting to pay for treatment of uninsured. This claims to add “more than $1,000” a year to the cost of health insurance according to Families USA.

I agree with the editorial for I have seen firsthand how people with no insurance use the Government’s resources in lieu of making an attempt at a better life for themselves. This in turn raises cost for hard working Americans that are insured. I also agree with the logic that if an elected President makes the decision to have everyone insured it alleviates stress from already insured Americans. I believe it is “a matter of personal responsibility” for an individual to be insured.

The argument proposed is successful in grabbing my attention and keeping it long enough to side with the author. Which convinces me that every American does need to be insured. It convinces me because the author provides hard evidence of how costs of health insurance would go up if an individual is uninsured. The article goes along with my original beliefs and simply reinforces my current beliefs.

I am interested to see how more political debates pan out concerning healthcare, along with the many other topics up for debate. Wouldn’t it be a much better world if everyone were actually responsible for their own health and not be dependent on others?